Tree Service Woodland Hills CA

When people need tree service in Woodland Hills CA, they know to call the local experts at Gomez Landscape & Tree Care. Since 1964, Gomez has been the top provider of tree and landscape service to the area. Using industry-specified equipment and working with ISA Certified Arborists, we pride ourselves in finishing jobs efficiently and safely.

Tree Trimming

We're often asked the best time of year and techniques for tree trimming. The real answer is it depends on your type of tree and the desired outcome. It's important pruning is handled by a certified professional, as improper pruning methods can leave your trees week and at risk for disease. Gomez Landscape & Tree Care offers a variety of different methods based on what you're hoping to achieve through tree trimming.

Tree Removal

If you're worried about a dying tree or need a tree removed because it's conflicting with a surrounding obstacle, trust our team of experts. We'll take the time to inspect your tree and see if a treatment or pruning option is available to save the tree. If not, our team will efficiently and safely remove the tree and leave your property clean.

In addition to excellent service, Gomez Landscape & Tree Care is also committed to educating our clients so they're able to make an informed decision. We are a second-generation, family-owned company, and we take our reputation very seriously. This is why we're committed to ongoing education, state-of-the-art equipment, and modern tree service techniques. We aim to be the best in our industry, so call us today with your tree care or landscape needs!