Landscape Management

At Gomez Landscape & Tree Care, landscape management is the cornerstone of our organization. We believe that a well-maintained and functional landscape should not be a luxury that dictates your status in society. An affordable maintenance plan can be achieved and customized to suit the needs of your property. Our Landscape Management Division operates with three to four-man crews that service residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

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Our Services

  • Mowing & edging
  • Seasonal clean-up
  • Bed management
  • Mulching
  • Weeding
  • Ornamental care
  • Tree & shrub pruning
  • Seasonal color
  • Leaf removal
  • Irrigation
  • Lawn fertilization
  • Lawn aeration

The Landscape Management Team

The following is a typical job description each member of the team assumes, and in understanding their job duties, you can gain an understanding of the overall service that is provided.

The Foreman is responsible for managing the direction of the other team members, the Journeyman and Apprentice. The Foreman is also responsible for communicating with you, the customer, and helping answer questions or concerns. After helping the team perform a simple task such as mowing or edging a lawn, the Foreman generally focuses his attention to the technical field. Objects that are out of place or signs only an experienced gardener can readily pick up is a skill set that our leaders possess. Operating and calibrating a sprinkler control box (timer) is something that a Foreman is very much familiar with because the seasons dictate how much water percentage is necessary to maintain a lawn or planter bed. Irrigation is one of the elements that can make or break a landscape, so identifying a broken sprinkler or a faulty valve soon will prevent the landscape from eroding - literally.

The Journeyman is the backbone of the team. This member is highly valued for his horticultural experience. Aside from the proficient use of all power tools that all members are trained to use, the Journeyman understands the use of the simple and original hand tools (hoe, long handle weeder and cultivator, square spade shovel). These tools define a true gardener and these are used to aerate planter beds and soils. The latter helps disrupt networks of pesky weeds and gives a nice touch of a manicurist. Our Journeymen are trained to apply granular fertilizers. They are trained how to prune back overgrown shrubs, perennials, and roses, and they do this with the hallmark tool every gardener should be equipped with - Swiss-made Felco hand shears.

This member of the team, although not as skilled, is valued none the less because he is simply part of the team. The apprentice assists with clean-up efforts, gives potted plants the water they crave, and often helps keep the Foreman safe if he needs assistance to keep a ladder secure when that awesomely-tall topiary hedge needs to be trimmed.

How We Work

We work closely with management companies, landscape construction companies, and members of HOA boards. Our experience with these professionals has catapulted our success, for we have learned to restructure our business model in order to provide optimal customer care service related to anything from billing and account history audits, to faster response time in the event of an emergency.