Tree Service Simi Valley CA

Since 1964, people have known if they need tree service in Simi Valley CA they should call the experts at Gomez Landscape & Tree Care. Specializing in professional tree care and landscape management services, our experienced team of Certified Arborists and landscape professionals is committed to providing safe and efficient service. We value ongoing education for our employees to make sure we're at the cutting edge of our industry.

Tree Trimming

Trimming is one of the best ways to promote healthy and even growth for your trees. In addition to removing dead or diseased branches, tree trimming can allow more sunlight through the canopy, not only benefitting the tree but also your lawn. Our team will thoroughly inspect your trees for areas that would benefit from trimming, and carefully perform the pruning to keep your trees healthy.

Tree Removal

There are numerous reasons you may need tree removal. Whether your tree is conflicting with power lines, is diseased, or need to be removed for another reason, the experts at Gomez Landscape & Tree Care will carefully and efficiently take it down and leave your yard clean.

In addition to educating our staff, Gomez Landscape & Tree Care also values educating our clients. We want to empower our customers to make informed decisions that make sense for their landscape and budget. With more than four decades of experience in tree pruning, dangerous removals, and landscape management techniques, Gomez Landscaping & Tree Care is the company you'll want to trust with your landscape!