Tree Removal

Trees provide social and economic benefits that many of us take for granted. In the urban forest, trees and people clash every day. Many times trees make us nervous, and for good reason, be it potential property damage that looms in the wind or our precious and irreplaceable children that may be a target. Trees are often condemned and removed without first applying a basic and practical assessment. We'll start with a thorough assessment and then, if the tree must be removed, we will complete the job in a careful and efficient manner.

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Why Choose Us?

In our urban environment, trees are often planted and grown in precarious locations, requiring a high level of skill and care to extract. More often than not, it is beyond the capabilities of the average tree company. As a homeowner or property manager, it is important to select a tree care company that has invested the time and effort to educate its employees. At Gomez Landscape & Tree Care, our team is highly-trained and effective in the safe and efficient removal of dangerous trees. Our certified tree workers are trained and equipped to industry standards. Our collective years of experience, coupled with constant safety training from our in-house Certified Tree Care Safety Professional (CTSP), makes us an exceptional choice.

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