Supplemental Support Systems

Old trees can be stubborn, like some of the old folks in our lives, and they don’t know when to stop growing and they don’t want to stop living. Depending on the species, a tree could live to be 60, 100, or even 300 years old! Sometimes grumpy old folks need some assistance, but their pride clouds their judgment. Trees are no different.

If your trees need a crutch or a cane to lean on, we offer supplemental support systems that aid and reduce the risk of limb or trunk failure. We use extra high strength (EHS) guy wire to limit movement of large limbs during adverse weather. Properly placed cables, braces, and props assist with weight distribution and limb longevity so that your beautiful majestic tree can continue cleaning our carbon and providing our much-needed oxygen. Only a qualified professional should be contracted to plan and install supplemental support systems, who knows to adhere to and comply with published industry standards from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI A-300).

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