Plant Health Care

Trees need a healthy environment to thrive, just like humans do. At Gomez Landscape & Tree Care, we offer a wide-range of plant health care services to help keep your trees safe and happy. We understand the biotic (natural/organisms) and abiotic (man-made) disorders that stress your trees. Gomez employs techniques that will improve the health of your valuable trees. For example, injections with the right medicament can help deter malicious pathogens such as insects and fungal spores. A well-designed and installed drip irrigation system can be the simple solution to a tree’s thirst and declining health. Or, vertical mulching can be the solution to help break up compacted soil that lacks oxygen, water, and essential minerals, such as nitrogen, which may otherwise be kept from reaching the absorbing roots in the root zone. Let an Arborist from the Gomez team take a look at your tree before you condemn it. Give it a chance to heal, correct, and be strong.

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Fertilizer & Root Health

Nitrogen - trees need this essential element. Although inorganic nitrogen compounds account for less than 5% of the total nitrogen in soil, it is the primary element absorbed by most plants. Nitrogen is a naturally occurring element that is essential for growth and reproduction in both plants and animals. It is found in amino acids that make up proteins, in nucleic acids that comprise the hereditary material and life's blueprint for all cells, and in many other organic and inorganic compounds.

Gomez employs organic and inorganic chemical fertilizers to help trees sustain growth and reproduction. Because we live in an urban environment, landscape maintenance groundskeepers are often trained to blow and remove leaves and organic material that would otherwise collect and be food in any given forest. There are different application rates and ratios, but chemical fertilizers are made up of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Calcium.

Vertical Mulching

Vertical mulching is another service that helps promote strong and healthy roots, the brain of a tree. Using a patented air excavation device, pressurized air creates openings in the soil. This technique breaks up the macro and micro pores in compacted soil and allows for oxygen and water to better filter down into the root zone.

Diagnosing & Treatment

Diagnosing and treating stressed trees can be a challenge all too often. To begin, Los Angeles is a desert, and is not the Mediterranean oasis that we think it is. What is more, L.A. is a hub for pests that enter our ports every day. New and invasive species threaten California’s billion-dollar agriculture industry and our urban and natural forests.